The ACT in ACTLA: Disruption is a positive act for transformation, supporting Student-Centered pedagogies like ungrading, embodied learning, social emotional and cultural wealth, and communities of learning.

At ACTLA, we have long imagined:

  • transforming the legacy of remediation and deficit-minded pedagogies in Tutoring and Learning Assistance to pedagogies grounded in the community and cultural wealth of the growing diversity of our students
  • creating empowering spaces that are trauma informed, and embodying practices of social justice and empowerment
  • learning collaboratively and with each other as we inspire and sustain students, mentor tutors, and create learning communities, engaging social emotional learning and embodied learning.

We are not alone in embodying these practices as we transform our centers, the physical and virtual spaces where students come to learn with all of themselves and transform tutor training in response to the neuroscience of learning, social emotional learning, and cultural responsiveness. 

ACTLA is the space to grow and learn together, a space of transformation and collaboration that heals and empowers us to reimagine and recreate the role that tutoring and learning centers can play in transforming the lives of students.

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Conference Pricing

CategoryEarly Bird
Any time before Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Tuesday, February 14, 2023 to Friday, April 7, 2023*
Professional$275 (includes annual membership)$325 (includes annual membership)
Student (Non-Professional)Free (use student’s email)Free (use student’s email)
Retiree$100 (includes annual membership)$100 (includes annual membership)
*Check payments due by Wednesday, April 5, 2023