The full Conference Brochure is coming soon. Until then, check out a sampling of the breakout presentations:

+Hope, Mindset, and the Peer Educator: Integrating Goal-setting Strategies in Supplemental Instruction

+Creating Campus Ownership of Learning Assistance: Making Tutoring A Campus Priority 

+Using Academic Success Mentors to Engage Struggling Students

+Asynchronous and Synchronous Tutoring: Different Options, Different Opinions, Similar Outcomes?

+Moving Minimalist Tutoring Online: Online Writing Tutoring at Cal State University, Monterey Bay

+Making Space for Theory and Practice: Designing Pedagogy Curriculum for Peer Educators

+Utilizing Socratic Tutoring and Professional Development to Empower Tutors, Learning Center Coordinators, and Students!

+Application of Metacognition in Tutor Training

+Battling the Blank Page: Writing for Publication

+Leveraging Integrated Planning to Maximize Academic Support - Year 1

+Getting The Word Out: Dynamic Approaches to Advertising and Marketing Learning Center Services