The Association for the Tutoring Profession. 

The vision for ATP began in 2003 and has become a “clearinghouse of ideas” for tutors and tutor trainers alike. Since its inception, ATP, through a body of tutoring professionals, has created an extensive list of resources and materials through ongoing conferences, workshops, certification, and active membership and chapters all over the United States.

College Reading and Learning Association. 

CRLA is a leader in professional development resources for post-secondary education learning assistance centers, including developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level. Membership is open to all faculty or administration at the post-secondary education level.

National Association for Developmental Education. 

NADE has been committed to the preparedness of students at the postsecondary level since 1976. The organization’s goals include preserving educational opportunities through developing learner skills and attitudes, maintaining high academic standards, assessing students preparedness for post-secondary courses, enhancing student retention, and promoting cognitive and affective learning theory.


National College Learning Center Association. 

NCLCA’s mission is to support learning center professionals as they develop and maintain learning centers, programs, and services to enhance student learning at the post-secondary level. In its efforts to promote professional development, NCLCA offers membership benefits including grants/awards, certification, conferences, and many more materials.

National Center for Development Education

The National Center for Developmental Education (NCDE) provides instruction, training programs, research, and other services consistent with the purpose of developmental education and the missions of Appalachian State University and the Reich College of Education. These services are provided to a national audience of professionals dedicated to serving underprepared and disadvantaged college students.

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