At ACTLA, we believe in the transformative power of learning assistance, both on the students, staff, faculty, and administration involved in learning assistance work as well as for the institutions of education as a whole. As our mission statement affirms, our work facilitates student empowerment, restorative justice, and the transfer of cultural knowledge within our global communities. To achieve this mission with grace, insight, and collaboration, it is important for us to:

Reflect: The fields of education and learning support have historically and culturally strong roots across our member institutions and across higher education more broadly. Building on our roots, and acknowledging our past challenges and successes as a field has helped us grow. We must reflect and ask ourselves; have our identities as learning support specialists, tutors, Supplemental Instruction leaders, and peer coaches become more visible, pedagogically and culturally? How has the role of a tutor changed in the last 49 years of ACTLA?

Evolve: With time comes evolution. We now find ourselves in a changed educational landscape, with new modes of connection available via online learning and distance education. Finding an opportunity to highlight the strengths and knowledge gained through this evolution allows us to investigate the ways of being and learning we embrace now such as: embodied learning, social-emotional learning, and the cultural/emotional wealth of our students

Advocate: With reflection and evolution, comes the opportunity to advocate for our students and our programs now, as well as in the future. Advocacy may look like the day to day work to build community and find our champions across our campuses, or it may look like proposing policy change to better support our students. Always, this advocacy is founded on the reflection and the evolution that guides our field. Our conference will once again take place virtually on the Zoom Events platform from April 17th - 19th, 2024.

Conference Pricing

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024 to Friday, April 5, 2024*
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Student (Non-Professional)Free (use student’s email)Free (use student’s email)
Retiree$100 (includes annual membership)$100 (includes annual membership)
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